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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Homesickness and Soy Sauce

We decided to ditch the dining hall food once again (oh, how my mother would cringe if she knew I didn't go - "You're wasting the meals we already paid for!"), and instead opted for a dinner of Chinese takeout. I had chicken and broccoli, R had sweet and sour chicken and S had sesame chicken (what she always seems to order every time we get Chinese - she's pretty set in her ways).

The food was greasier than what I'm used to back home, but satisfying nonetheless. I took especially great pleasure dumping half a carton of rice (the takeout place only gave us one not-very-large carton of rice for three people, which seemed a bit stingy to me) into the leftover chicken and broccoli sauce. It was fabulous, but it also made me somewhat homesick. It made me remember the nights my mother would cook bok choy for dinner, and I would mix the leftover rice in my bowl with the sweet green "broth." And then I missed the times when I would help her make rice, or stir-fry some curry chicken and...

I think I'm going to call my mom now.


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