Dorm Delicacies

A record of what I ingest while a poor college student. Updated whenever my work subsides (or when I don't feel guilty about procrastinating).

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Introduction, of sorts.

Student at a liberal arts college in the Northeast.
Always hungry for non-dining hall food (but I don't really have a choice, do I? Stupid meal plan).
Tries to supplement dining hall food (i.e. congealed rice, macaroni salad/macaroni pie/macaroni and cheese) with weekly runs to local chain restaurants (so far, we've went to Outback and Cosi).

I just woke up about an hour ago. C just came upstairs and tried to coerce me into going to the dining hall for brunch, but I wasn't in the mood for rubbery eggs and leftovers from last night's dinner (which, by the way, was terrible! Lumpy chicken pot pie and undercooked carrots).

Thus, I have prepared the pinnacle of college student cuisine. *points above*

Ahh, processed food on a Sunday afternoon.


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