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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lazy Sundays

I woke up at 10:30 this morning, which is unusually early for a college student on Sundays. I home for Thankgiving on Wednesdays, and I'm psyched because I'll actually eat real, non-college food! Yes.

C asked me if I wanted to go to brunch with her, but I declined, because the walk to the dining hall is pretty far and because I was also half-asleep. I sustained myself with Chicken Vegetable flavored Cup Noodles. Mmm. They're so unhealthy, but they really hit the spot when you're 1) starving and 2) a poor college student.

I was pretty happy this past week, since I not only had one but two non-dining hall dinners! We had a birthday party for one of the girls on the first floor on Monday, and we ordered almost $15o worth of greasy Chinese takeout and chicken parmesan pizzas. Mmm. Then this past Friday, a few of us went to eat some sublime Indian cuisine. Chicken tikka masala, naan, tandoori chicken, chicken pakora, samosas. It was wonderful - I wish there was an Indian restaurant near us.

I just ate three snowman-shaped Marshmallow Peeps.

Back to the grind, aka furiously finishing the work I didn't do this weekend.


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