Dorm Delicacies

A record of what I ingest while a poor college student. Updated whenever my work subsides (or when I don't feel guilty about procrastinating).

Friday, November 11, 2005

Six-page paper = a whole ribeye steak!

It feels as though there's a demon-like creature in the pit of my stomach, clawing desperately at the walls and doing backflips.

I want to go to dinner now. But I promised S that I would wait until after her rehearsal ends at 6:30 so we could eat (salsa chicken, taboulah *insert confused look here*, pizza bar) together.

I've realized that when I'm particularly stressed out, I eat, and I don't think this "ingestion therapy" is very good for my body. I haven't been feeling very well lately, and I'm sure it's because during the past week, I've had way too many Sour Cream and Onion Pringles. Today I was wandering around the campus after all my classes were done, and was fretting over the fact that I won't be able to do anything social this weekend because I have a 500 page book to read for Econ and a paper about that book due on Monday. I found myself at one of the coffee bars on campus, and to console myself, bought a huge overpriced sugar cookie studded with M&Ms.


And I wonder what kind of "stress food" I'm going to eat once I'm a senior writing her thesis. All the dishes at one of those numerous Chinese buffets, maybe.


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